Please read this first !


         Be sure that your demo is  the same style than our label

         NO House / Tech-house 

         NO trance, NO electro

         NO prog-house, NO pop . . .

         Demos must include minimum 6 tracks, we can’t offer a release with only one track

         No WAV files, all demos must be in 320kbps MP3 format and the tracks must be full-length

         Demos must be properly mixed-down or mastered, we won’t listen if the track sounds unprofessional

         We prefer Soundcloud but  Wetransfer , Dropbox, Sendspace will be accepted


         Every submission following the above guide will be listened to.

         If there is something we're interested to sign, we will get in touch with you.



Send your demos to :

         info [ at ] newrhythmicrecords [ dot ] com